Seasoned North Carolina Attorneys Who Go To Battle For You

Seasoned North Carolina Attorneys Who Go To Battle For You

Real Expertise In Real Estate Law

Spence, Carter & Reed, PA, brings more than just our five decades of experience to the field of real estate law: attorney Robert A. Spence, Jr., is board-certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in real property-residential transactions. Alongside his extensive work with zoning litigation for multiple municipalities in Johnston and Harnett counties, Mr. Spence’s expertise in the acquisition, development, and transfer of residential property forms the bedrock of our full-service real estate practice.

While plenty of attorneys close out real estate transactions, and plenty more pursue real estate litigation, few have the dexterity and deep knowledge required to do both. At Spence, Carter & Reed, PA, we are proud to provide representation across all aspects of property law. Homeowners, developers, housing authorities and estate heirs rely on us in matters concerning:

  • Commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • Probate real estate
  • Quiet title actions
  • Real estate litigation of all kinds

From contract drafting to courtroom disputes, our attorneys know the complexities of real estate law – and can provide you with comprehensive counsel.

Navigate Real Estate Transactions With Confidence

Selling, purchasing, developing and inheriting property are all complicated processes. Exchanging deeds, securing loans and obtaining title insurance forms create a deluge of paperwork that can hinder progress and ensnare unwary or unprepared parties. An experienced, capable attorney can navigate this confusion and help ensure your contract or transfer is secure, durable and cost-effective. We offer our clients confident guidance and certified expertise in real estate transactions.

A Nuanced Understanding Of Zoning And Ordinances

Municipal ordinances, zoning laws, and construction and transportation regulations can tightly constrain what is and is not possible for a particular piece of real estate. Buyers, sellers and developers need to be aware of the applicable restrictions on their property – and of the processes that can be used to alleviate or reinforce these restrictions.

Spence, Carter & Reed, PA, has worked on behalf of clients across the spectrum of real estate, from North Carolina cities and townships to federal regulators and private developers. We understand the rules governing your property – and we understand the data these rules rest on. This holistic perspective enables us to provide insightful solutions and advance robust litigation in support of your real estate goals. We can assist you in evaluating the development options for your property, obtaining proper building permits and keeping projects compliant with relevant municipal and construction codes.

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Bring our five decades of experience and our board-certified expertise to your real estate challenges. Our full-service practice is ready to assist you with transactions, zoning and regulatory compliance, and real estate litigation. Contact Spence, Carter & Reed, PA, at 919-934-1149, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.